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Statesboro Film Festival
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Title:  The Car Wash
Description:  An elderly woman (Edith Ivey, ...
Public Name:  JamesKicklighter
Comments: (6)
Title:  Control Freaks
Description:  A perfect neighborhood. Perfect neighbors. ...
Public Name:  Hodges
Comments: (12)
Title:  Detective Alex
Description:  "Detective Alex and the Case ...
Public Name:  Harrison Wilkerson
Comments: (11)
Title:  Passive
Description:  An impatient young man and ...
Public Name:  Elliott Hall
Comments: (1)
Title:  Yellow Money
Description:  Two small time crooks owe ...
Public Name:  EHall
Comments: (10)
Title:  Reality
Description:  A teenage girl struggles with ...
Public Name:  Beeka Regassa
Comments: (2)
Title:  "The Interrogation"
Description:  An entirely unscripted improv style ...
Public Name:  Jon Irvan
Comments: (6)
Title:  20 Minutes or Less
Description:  An elderly man encounters unexpected ...
Public Name:  Steve Nyberg
Comments: (22)
Title:  Muse
Description:  A young artist draws on ...
Public Name:  Shaunta Hamilton
Comments: (8)
Title:  LOVEthief
Description:  Wilson Williamson just moved in.
Public Name:  David Cone
Comments: (8)
Title:  Unnatural
Description:  Ingmar is out of his ...
Public Name:  Ramsey Eden
City:  statesboro
State:  GA
Comments: (4)
Title:  Ninja Love
Description:  Two warriors, trained in the ...
Public Name:  Ramsey Eden
City:  Statesboro
State:  GA
Comments: (12)
Title:  Captain Video
Description:  Captain Video battles his old ...
Public Name:  Neil Russell
City:  Statesboro
State:  GA
Comments: (25)
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Statesboro Film Festival 2010

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